• DDT by Murphy
  • Hart aids 2 Cool
  • Harris turn heel after lose
  • Off the ropes by Hart
  • Oxford attack 2 Cool after match
  • Thriller goes for the finish


DK Murphy def Bret Hayes is a diffcult match, but Murphy was the better wrestler. Thriller def Harrs and Walker is a surprising victory which showed that he was the underdog in the match. After the match Harris turn on the fans and became heel by refusing to shake Thriller's hand in a show of good sportmanship. In the Main Event Hart def 2 Cool in a five star match. After the match Robert Oxford attack Johnny 2 Cool in the ring but Teddy hart comes to his aid and get Oxford out of the ring.

DK Muphy def Bret hayes

Thriiler def Shawn Walker and Jack Harris unn Triple threat match

Teddy hart def Johnny 2 Cool