The Kliq retain the Tagteam in a exciting match aganist the industry boys. Many fans felt that the match could have gone either way at some points. Kevin Angle won the US title in a surpise match aganist Carnage. Most fans didnt think Angle was going to win was stocked.Wendy Ryan was proved to be the underdog in the fatal four way match. Most fans were thinking that Kelly Martin would win her fifth title in the match. Mark Fox and Tommy Legend battle off in a interesting exteme rules match but in the end there was only one winner Mark Fox. Fox is proving that he can both run a show and be a good wrestler. After match Legend was carried away with surious injuries to his spinal cord. In the main event Robert Oxford ended the kings run ad became World Champion.

The Kliq retain title

Kevin Angle win US title

Wendy Ryan win Women s title

Mark Fox def Tommy Legend

Robert Oxford win the World title