League: CAW-WWE

Industry: Caw Wrestling

Debute: 2008

Headquarters: Hartford, CT

President : Teddy Hartman

CAW-World Wrestling EnterainmentEdit

CAW-WWE is a fantasy wrestling league started in 2008 out of Dallas Texas. In September 2008 CAW-WWE produced it first televised show which was rated as the third highest viewed show of the night.The league currently has two shows Raw and Smackdown which air weekly.Currently the President of the league is Teddy Hartman.

AWA RebirthEdit

Caw-wwe Season 2 first Episode started after the WWE purchase the AWA from Verne Gagne. WWE The Board of Directors decided to revive AWA with it’s current superstars. Tony Hayes a member of the Board of Directors was appointed to oversee the league and bring the league back to life with some new stars of the decade.

Televised shows Edit

CAW-WWE currently has two shows Raw and Smackdown. The League uses X-Box verison of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 to draft each show.

Episode 1: AWA Rebirth

Episode 2: Invasion Contiue

Episode 3:Smackdown Needs Help

Pay Per ViewsEdit

Episode 4: AWA at Summer Slam

Current RosterEdit

Wrestler Brand Career Highlight
Brittany Wilson Smackdown
Diamond Dallas Page Smackdown
Bruno Sammartino Raw
Jack Hancock Smackdown General Manger
Jenny Windham Smackdown
Jessica B Raw Diva Champion
KC Madison Raw
Ken Young Smackdown
Kevin Von Erich Raw
Maria Lopez Smackdown
Mr. Wrestling Smackdown
Ping Wu Smackdown
Rapture Smackdown
Teri Davis


Thriller Smackdown
Tim White Smackdown
Tony St. Clair Smackdown
Tiger Mask Smackdown