Epsiode 1

Dallas, TX

Story: CEO of CAW-WWE, Mark Stanford has brought 60% of the company stock making him the control of the business. Mr. Stanford announcesthat the company will be doing a world tour from the US and around the world for 12 months. Mr. Standfiord says that Teddy Hartman is no more and that the company has to move forward without him. It is reported that Teddy Hartman founder of Cawwwe is sick and or possibly died due to him failing to come to borard meeting.

1. World tile Match

Don Stone vs Tim White

Tiger Kid The Scorpion

Tiger Kid wins

2. Women's Title

Candi DeVine vs Teri Davis

Davis wins

Commentory is joined by wrestler Delirous at ringside. Sonny Wu advised the fan that the WWE title, US title and Diva title has been disbanded. The League will now run one show and have a World title, Light- wieght tile, Hardcore, Tagteam and Womens title.

3. Triple Threat Match Lightweight title

Blake Hunter vs DK Muphy

Jason Cross

Cross wins