GLW Episode 3

City Chicago, IL

Date: June 1970

Attendance: 20,000

Rating C

GLW Episode 3

GLW Episode 3

Scene- Commentory Shawn Walker recap on Episode 2 and match for tonight.

Match 1- June Butler wins Women's title from Kelly Martin

Scene- Frank Lewis attacks Freddie Rush in the parking lot. During the attack Freddie Rush's head goes into a car window.

Match 3. St. Clair win the Lightweight title from KC Madison

Scene- Casey Hunter calls out her attack from last week. Jessica Nelson arrive and takes calm as the attacker.

Match 4 Chris Wilson win fatal four way match for Lightweight title number one contendership.

Match 5 Casey Hunter lose to Jessica Nelson

Scene Interview with Jack Harris

Match 6 Frank Lewis win world title for second time.