Show: Global Wrestling Ep 7

City: Stanford, IL

Attendance: 17,000

Ratining A

CAW-Global Wrestlin Ep 7

CAW-Global Wrestlin Ep 7


Scene- Bradley Regal confronts Max Fox about Freddie Rush winning the World title. Fox is put on suspension due to the incident. 

1.  Wendy Ryan def Dancing Abbie for Women's title

Scene- Ted Hart is announce as the new Investor of WOW wrestling and challege David Kidman and Shawn Walker to a match for increase control on the company.

2.  Tim White def Johnny 2 Cool for Lightweight title.

3. Ted Hart def David Kidman and Shawn Walker

Scene- Regal meets with new investor Ted Hart and later tell him to get out of his office when a deal isn't made.

4. Jack Harris wins his third World title by defeating Freddie Rush