Global Wrestling was founded by in 1970 Mark Fox after a successful career in the stock market. Fox vision was to create a league of wrestling with stars from around the global.

Puchasing of ChampionshipsEdit

Before the shows first episode Fox hired World Champion Frank Lewis to being his title to the league. Fox also brought other titles such at the Lightheavyweight and Women Champion.

Award Program FoundedEdit

After Season # 1 GLW Global Exective decided to present to first award of Wrestler of the year. Award simliar to this award followed such as Diva of the year, Match of the year, Undisputed Champion award, Legend award and Hall of Fame award.

GWL Creat TV showsEdit

In after three season World of Wrestling VP Teri Davis and WOW new inventor Ted Hart agree to creat to new two new league with TVs Thunder and NXT. The Thunder show will be out of Europe and NXT will be out of Asia.