Robbie St. Clair

Name:Tony St. Clair

Born: March 1, 1948

Nickname: The Englishman

Reside: Blackport, England

Tony is a Englsih wrestler that that wrestle in the UK as a rookie before his debut in GLW.

Lightweight ChampionEdit

In GLW Episode 3 St. Clair won the title from KC Madison. In Episode 4 St. Clair lose the title to Chris Wilson.

Tony St. Clair LT 1

Match of the year awardEdit

St. Clair was awarded the Match of the year for his match aganist Chris Wilson in GWL episode 4.

Eurpean titleEdit

In WCW ep 1 St. Clair won the Eurpeon title from Kelvin Dalton. The title was decontinued

Tony St. Clair Euro Champ 1